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Whitewater kayaking has been appropriately dubbed a “legacy sport”. Most of us who participate have been introduced to the sport by family members, or close friends; compliment that with the initial investment of equipment over $2000, there are obvious barriers to entry. We are going to change that.

Who We Are

We are a local, donation based, non-for-profit in the heart of the White Salmon kayaking community. We will offer free gear, kayaks, and a community center for newcomers to participate in river sports financially risk-free, and a way to integrate into the amazing community that we call home.

The Mission

Our mission is to empower everyone to paddle. Our goal is to make this program free and accessible to anyone. With this goal in mind, WSBL aspires to promote whitewater kayaking, cultivate a love of the outdoors and minimize social and economic barriers so everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy the sport we love. 

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How It Works

Becoming a Boat Library member

  • To become a member a short in person orientation is necessary. We will walk you through the facility and show you the ropes. It will be important to have a comprehensive understanding of our rental policies, rules, and regulations. 


 What we have to offer

  • Over 30 sets of gear and kayaks!

  • New boats to demo 

  • Small boats and gear for kiddos 

  • Old school kayaks for a throwback 

  • Winter and summer time kayaking gear

  • Inflatable kayaks


  Become a part of a supportive community environment for people to come together, learn to kayak and enjoy the many benefits our rivers have to offer!

  • Introduce new people to the sport

  • Use our facility as a meet-up point

  • Share river knowledge


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